Phase 3 Brewing Introduces Caramel Apple Beer with Chicago-based Affy Tapple

Left to Right: Jessica Ziemba, Josh, Joseph West, Brittney Pennings, Zach Carlson and Stephanie Ziemba celebrate Jessica’s birthday at Phase Three Brewing, Oct. 15. Phase Three’s newest seasonal craft beer is a collaboration with Chicago-based Affy Tapple to create a caramel apple-based craft beer. Photo: A. Nick De La Cruz

Lake Zurich’s Phase Three Brewing released their new seasonal craft beer on Oct. 10, called A Bushel of Apples. The new brew is a collaborative effort with Chicago-based Affy Tapple and was introduced to ring in the fall season and to draw non-craft beer drinkers to the brewery, located at 932 Donata Ct. in Lake Zurich.

“We wanted to introduce our beer to a different demographic,” said Assistant Tapper Manager, Kyleen Bach. “We were hoping it’d pique an interest with people who aren’t normally into craft beers.”

The latest addition to Phase Three Brewery’s already colorful liquid refreshment array is an infusion of their bold blonde ale with the sweet, smooth flavor of a caramel apple, with just a hint of peanuts. The collaboration is a first between Phase Three and Affy Tapple.

“We didn’t want it to be overly sugar bombed,” explained Bach. “And I think they blended it nicely.”

Returning patrons agreed.

“It has a good, crisp apple flavor, but it isn’t overly sweet,” explained Jessica Ziemba, who was out celebrating her birthday. She was joined by her sister, Stephanie Ziemba, and Zach Carlson, Stephanie’s boyfriend. All attended the release event.

“We came out last weekend because we wanted to try out the beer and check out the brewery,” explained Carlson. “I liked that it was sweet, but not too sweet, like apple candy. It went well with the brats we had that night. We came back because we really liked the beer.”

Lake Zurich’s Phase Three Brewing has created a seasonal new brew with Chicago’s Affy Tapple: A Bushel of Apples.

Phase Three had live music for entertainment and a food truck on Saturday and Sunday. They even put up a big tent, according to Bach.

“Inside seating is limited, and we wanted to accommodate anyone who didn’t feel comfortable coming inside, because of COVID,” Bach explained. “We’re taking COVID safety very, very seriously,” she added.

Selling Out Fast

But not even a global pandemic could prevent the success of Phase Three’s newest release.

“We’d set aside so much for each day of the release and sold out both days within an hour and a half,” said Mark Mesrobian, a Phase Three Tapper. “Our online sales sold out within minutes. Our phones have been ringing off the hook. We have it on tap right now, and its selling fast.”

A Bushel of Apples is now available on tap at Phase Three Brewing and selected stores.

For every 4-pack of Bushel of Apples that it sells, Phase Three Brewing is donating one dollar to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

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