Lake County Sheriff Responds to Death of George Floyd

LAKE COUNTY, Ill. – In an unprecedented move, Lake County sheriff John D. Idelburg yesterday issued a comprehensive statement regarding the Minneapolis death of George Floyd, who was killed May 25 by police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, according to video footage, while Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander assisted with restraining Floyd and stood watch over Floyd’s two companions at the time. Floyd was unarmed and had been previously handcuffed by the officers for allegedly distributing a couterfeit $20 bill. The incident has received worldwide news coverage and all officers involved in the incident have been fired. Chauvin has been charged with manslaughter and third degree murder.

“I am not one to ordinarily jump to conclusions, but the video of this tragic incident should shock the moral consciousness of every member of our society.  What happened to Mr. Floyd is a tragedy that never should have happened,” said Idelburg in the statement.

“It is important that everyone in Lake County knows the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is here to work with them – not against them.  The men and women serving at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office are true professionals.  Our staff is trained to de-escalate situations, communicate effectively and efficiently with the community, not use force unless absolutely necessary, and when using force – using the minimum amount necessary.  Our staff understands the philosophy that justice is served in a courtroom, not on the street.  

Mr. Floyd’s death will not be in vain and will serve a pivotal piece in emphasizing the importance of police accountability.  The Floyd family has the deepest condolences of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office,” said the statement.

The entire statement can be viewed here:

Since the death of Floyd, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have been overcome with rioting, angry protesters, who have trashed and set fire to the city’s 3rd precinct building, where the officers allegedly worked, along with other stores and buildings in the area.

By Margo Pelak

Margo Pelak is founder of the Local Newsreader. She resides in Hawthorn Woods with her husband Dennis and their two wild beasts.

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