Lake County Offers Virtual Courthouse Weddings

LAKE COUNTY, Ill. – Lovebirds, cheer up. Lake County recently announced that it will allow virtual weddings, provided at least one person being married is a resident of Lake County. Courthouse weddings were suspended March 17 of this year due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19.

To have a judge officiate a wedding virtually, couples must make an appointment to get a marriage license with the County Clerk’s office and pay a $10 fee, in cash, on the day that the license is issued.

On the morning of the wedding, before noon, the couple schedules their ceremony, which will be conducted via the Zoom app, later that afternoon.

Full instructions can be found here. Fair warning: they are terribly un-romantic.

By Margo Pelak

Margo Pelak is founder of the Local Newsreader. She resides in Hawthorn Woods with her husband Dennis and their two wild beasts.

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