Lake County Issues Guidelines for Talking to Children about Race

The Lake County Health Department issued a new video on Youtube Friday called “Talking with Your Kids About Race.” The tips describe how to have conversations with children about people who have different color skin from you.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about it” the video advises, while encouraging parents to let children know that skin color is caused by melanin in the skin. The video asks parents to provide diverse toys, books and media for children.

“Read stories of role models from all different races,” it suggests, along with encouraging parents to teach children that racial discrimination exists and how to stand up to it.

The video can be viewed here.

The video was released as part of the Health department’s regular “Mindful Minute” feature.

By Margo Pelak

Margo Pelak is founder of the Local Newsreader. She resides in Hawthorn Woods with her husband Dennis and their two wild beasts.

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