Hawthorn Woods in Bloom Seeking Volunteers

HAWTHORN WOODS, Ill. — Hawthorn Woods in Bloom, a non-profit local chapter of America in Bloom, is seeking volunteers to to help with several planned flower and plant campaigns in the next few weeks.

Those activities include a seed giveaway on Saturday, May 1, at the Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center at 94 North Midlothian Road, 9 a.m. – Noon.

Starting the week of May 17, the committee is seeking volunteers to plant flowers and seeds in local cul-de-sacs and parks.

On May 22, the committee will host an all-day volunteer event with community members and village staff removing Buckthorn, an invasive plant that is detrimental to the health and future of woodlands, prairies and wetlands because it destroys wildlife habitats and food sources.

Buckthorn is an invasive plant that disrupts ecosystems by quickly reproducing and crowding out other plants.

“This is an inexpensive and healthy way to beautify the community,” said Hawthorn Woods resident Lauren Vondrasek, who leads the Urban Forestry and Save the Monarch Butterflies subcommittees for Hawthorn Woods in Bloom.

“We’re going to have little shoots of plants that people can plant in cul-de-sacs and parks throughout the community. We have between 300 and 500 little plant plugs to plant, water, and maintain,” she said.

“A lot of the work we’re doing is around beautifying the community, but also maintaining the parks and the natural areas,” Vondrasek said.

Volunteer planting in parks and cul-de-sacs may have an added bonus for residents. “Depending on where someone lives, the planting locations can be near their home. People can enjoy the plants they started, and they would be helping to beautify their own neighborhoods,” Vondrasek stated.

The organization seeks volunteers of all ages, groups of friends to form volunteer squads, or adult citizens motivated to help make the community better shine in living color with a variety of flowering plants and greenery, according to Vondrasek.

About Hawthorn Woods in Bloom

The Hawthorn Woods In Bloom chapter of America In Bloom was originally founded in 2019, a year after the village joined the national organization to help make its community more beautiful.

America in Bloom is an international organization that empowers communities to beautify their natural surroundings and improve the overall quality of life through a national awards program, grant opportunities, free beautification and educational resources, and more.

“We are proud participants in this nationwide effort to make sustainable, beautiful communities here and across each state in the U.S,” said Pamela Newton, Hawthorn Woods Chief Operating Officer.

Get in the Weeds – How You Can Help

Interested in Volunteering? Contact Brian Sullivan, Director of Parks and Recreation at 847-847-3531.

Saturday, May 1 – Annual Tree and Seed Giveaway, 94 Midlothian Road, Hawthorn Woods, 9 a.m. – Noon.

Saturday, May 17 – Sprint planting in Cul-de-Sacs and Parks. Contact Brian Sullivan for more information, 847-847-3531.

Saturday, May 22 – Buckthorn Removal Volunteer Service Day, Woodland Park, 23 Juel Circle, Hawthorn Woods, 9 a.m.

Disclosure: The Local Newsreader‘s Managing Editor, Margo Pelak, serves as chair of the Hawthorn Woods in Bloom committee and edited this article.

By Daniel J. Cameron

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