Lake Zurich Farmers Market Opens Friday

The Lake Zurich Farmers Market Re-opens tomorrow, with new state guidelines in place

The Lake Zurich Farmers market in Paulus Park will open tomorrow, according to the village website, and will comply with Illinois Farmers Market Association’s guidelines. The guidelines will change the way that the market is operated:

  • Food services will be allowed but pet rescues, artisans, nonprofits, kids activities and live entertainment are all out.
  • Visitors must maintain social distancing and wear masks.
  • Vendors will provide hand sanitizers or handwashing stations, and wear gloves as well as masks. Additionally, they must comply with newcash handling guidelines.
  • The number of people who may access the market will be limited.
  • Children and pets are not allowed, though service animals are allowed.
By localnewsreader

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