New COVID-19 Cases Locally


As of Nov. 23, 2020, the Lake County Department of Health no longer provides daily, city-specific case data on its Coronavirus Data Hub.

Instead, the data has been updated by zip code. Therefore, this table will no longer be supported, as of Nov. 23, 2020.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are analyzing the data hub’s data. It can be accessed here.

Archived Information:

This page followed the number of new, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hawthorn Woods, Lake Zurich, and Mundelein each day through November, 2020.

The table below was provided as a courtesy to our readers. Please see information below about the noted limitations of this page.

Daily New Cases

Source: Lake county Health Department Coronavirus Data Hub

Noted limitations of this page

  • This page reports data from the Interactive Map located on the Lake County Health Department’s Coronavirus Data Hub. That map is updated on weekdays only. No weekend data will be shown.
  • The Lake County Health Department’s Data Hub provides ranges (plus or minus four cases) to protect HIPAA information in local communities. These ranges are shown as noted.

Community population data

  • Lake Zurich area population: 20,022
  • Hawthorn Woods area population: 8,552
  • Mundelein area population: 31,234